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Design Atelier: Top Architects in Delhi NCR

Our unequivocal focus is to positively influence the future shape of our environments
Design Atelier excels at creating distinct environments with a contemporary sensibility. We are inspired by thoughtful & aspirational design in Architecture, Interiors & Urban design. Design Atelier’s extensive portfolio of 350+ projects is a testament to our multi disciplinary approach. We are based in New Delhi, India. Our unequivocal focus is to influence the future shape of built environments through design leadership, expert knowledge and service excellence. We have been successfully engaged by major organizations- especially quality oriented corporations for their development projects in Institutional, Hospitality, Housing, Offices, Retail, and Educational sectors.

Design Atelier is also recognised for a strong project service quality and we offer a range of strategies and a powerful implementation plan with the methodology to succeed in a given framework of time, quality and cost. DA Delivers! - Our reputation as a "Design Firm with an Implementation Mentality" is built on the recognition for our exceptional service quality and strong commitment to advancing our Clients' goals. We employ a powerful participatory visioning process including our clients, all stakeholders, and technical experts to create projects with a strong identity- an 'aura' that gives them an unusual presence in the surrounding environments as well as exceeds clients ambitions and economic expectations. We are considered as one of the top architectural firm in Delhi, NCR. Our team consists of most creative and talented architects.

Architecture should evoke the spirit of the place, compliment the local style, and convey a timeless quality. We place emphasis on daylight and enjoyable indoor and open air places to meet. We view each new project as unique, to create a lasting memorable image..

Urban Design
We conceptualize campus life around vibrant public spaces. We focus on integrating campus functions, technology, landscape and, urban life and ambience, ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability. We believe that through design upgradation campuses can be responsive to continuous re-invention.

We create interior environments as memorable experiences, with original, personal & thoughtful design aesthetics. Each project is a signature design, differentiated by architectural elements, finishes, furnishings, accessories, lighting and art to create style, image and an inviting ambience.

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